The History of British India Chronologically Arranged.

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Saturday, December 5, 1857.
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[Title continued] "Published with No.1, New Series, of Cassell's Illustrated Family Paper". Sheet, folded, recto comprising four pages, sm. folio, small tear, good condition, giving an "Indian Chronology" from 1593 to 1857 (The Mutiny) and "Statistics of British India" (from population to British Possessions to Means of Communication. More than on ethird of the chronolgy is devoted to the events of the Mutiny, concluding that "The capture of Delhi and the relief of Lucknow crushed the head of the revolt . . . .The results of the late mutiny are not yet fully known; but, so far as they are known, they are most disastrous. It is certain . . . the vitality of our Indian Empire is unimpaired; and we may confidently anticipate a more halthful and vigorous administration . . . than would have been the case had we not been awakened to our responsibilty by the rebellion of the native troops." The verso (when sheet unfolded) comprises a "Panoramic Map of India with vignettes of Lucknow and the Siege of Delhi", c.17 x 22" "Drawn by F. Young, and Engraved expressly for the Subscribers to 'Cassell's Illustrated Family Paper' by L.M. Becker."