Mr. Disraeli, Colonel Rathborne, and the Council of India. A letter [...] in explanation of a petition of enquiry, presented from Colonel Rathborne, on the 9th August, 1859. (For distribution to the Members of the House of Commons.)

[Anthony Blake Rathborne, 'Colonel, and late Collector and Magistrate of Hyderabad, in Scynde'; Benjamin Disraeli]
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London: 1860. [Charles Westerton, Publisher, St. George's Place, Hyde Park Corner.]
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Quarto: 88 pp. Unbound and in worn original yellow printed wraps. On aged, discoloured paper, with last dozen leaves and back wrap with damage (by burn?), affecting only a few words of text, but requiring repair. This copy addressed on back wrap to 'T C Haliburton Esq MP | Atheneum Club | Pall Mall' (Thomas Chandler Haliburton, 1796-1865). An uncommon item: COPAC only lists copies at Cambridge, Bristol, the National Library of Scotland and the British Library.