"Papers read on Various Occasions", Periodical Publications, bound into one volume.

[Author's Collection] Abel Heywood, Jun, of Abel Heywood & Son, Manchester, publishers and printers
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Manchester, 1868-[1900?]
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Hf.lea, worn, raised bands, red lea., gt spine, title as above, some foxing and damage in parts, mainly good. Contents (listed on front endpaper in Abel Heywood's hand): "Four Days in Iceland"*, "A mountain walk in Norway"*, Scandanavian Stories about Huldre"*, " Notes on Japan and the Japanese"*, "Sveningdael"*, "Trout-fishing in Norway", "Fish out of Water", "A Night at the Lochinvar", "One Way to the Tweed", "A Fishing Adventure in Japan" [not listed in Contents], "The Vision of Fishes", "Fishes Ee-Seet", "Norway Re-visited". Some (marked *) are offprints with original wraps bound in of articles published in the "Manchester Quarterly", others (source unknown) are taken from periodicals and bound in. As well as the Contents list, Heywood has made a sprinkling of notes throughout, giving a date in one instant and saying an illustrator used a photo of his (and other examples). On the last page, a shaky (old man's hand) comment is difficult to read but appears to state that these were his last words (apparently signed "AH"), and another hand [?] has added "Glory departed". WITH: Five loosephotographs of varying sizes up to c.4 x 4", of Norwegian scenes, found in the pages of "Sveningdael" but perhaps belonging with "A Mountain Walk in Norway" where Heywood has apparently listed people in a photograph (the largest) including "Self". Trout fishing in Norway and Norway re-visited both appeared in AnglersĀ“ evenings (Abel Heywood and Sons, Manchester). The first article is found in First series (1880), and the second one in Third series (1894).