Allied Aerial Propaganda Leaflets. Chronicle and summary of those disseminated from British bases in World War II.

Captain P. H. Robbs [Allied Aerial Propaganda Leaflets; World War II]
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No date [1940s or 1950s]. [Offprint from the Airpost Journal?]
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12mo: 7 pp (unpaginated) on two loose bifoliums. Good, on aged paper with a little rust spotting. In small type. Small illustration on front page of the cover of 'Le Courrier de l'Air Illustre'. Valuable scholarly article giving date, type and number for series of leaflets, grouped into territories ranging from Germany and France to the Channel Islands and Luxembourg. With both 'Foreword' and 'Introduction'. The 'Foreword' begins 'In the October 1947 issue of the Airpost Journal I was able to give a brief outline of leaflets of the European Theatre of Operations, World War II, and the following article is designed to supply fuller details of all Allied leaflets disseminated from bases in Great Britain.' Accompanied by a 12mo illustration cut from a magazine, captioned 'SPREADING THE TRUTH FROM THE SKIES.' Scarce: no copy in the British Library, and none on COPAC.