Dry Stereo Flong for the stereotype printing of a poster headed 'Printers' Night. | Printing and Allied Trades' Amateur Boxing Club'.

Printing and Allied Trades' Amateur Boxing Club [stereotype printing; trades unions; pugilism]
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Printing and Allied Trades' Boxing Club. For an event to be held at the Stadium Club, 85, High Holborn, W.C.2., 12 February 1935.
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The flong is 31.5 x 19 cm. Stamped on reverse 'LIGHT'S - "IDEAL" | HAND CASTING | DRY STEREO FLONG'. Small triangle missing from the top left-hand corner, causing the loss of the first letter of the first line (the 'P' in 'PRINTERS'); apart from that text clear and complete. Top right-hand corner slightly dogeared, crease along one rule, and thin strip of wear at foot (not affecting text). An interesting piece of printing ephemera. Printed in a variety of point sizes, advertising a number of bouts (with names and firms of participants), including club finals for the Capper Pass & Son Ltd Trophy, the W. H. Smith & Son Challenge Cup, the 'Hoe' Challenge Cup and the 'News of the World' Challenge Cup. Also 'Trade Novice Competitions' and, with top billing, a middleweight contest between J. W. Jackson (Printing & Allied Trades B.C. Runner-up Middleweight Championship & Britain's representative European Games, 1934') and L/Cpl. F. Newbold ('7th Royal Warwick Regt. (T.A.) Imperial Services' Champion, 1934'). Prices given ('Ladies Specially Invited'), with names and addresses of a large number of individuals from whom tickets may be obtained.