The Third Book of the Chronicles of the Town of Hillhausen. [handbill satire on Wilson]

[Daniel Wilson (1778-1858), Bishop of Calcutta (as vicar of St Mary's, Islington)]
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[c.1828] 'Printed for, and Published by C. PRITCHARD, Islington Green. - Price Sixpence.'
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Folio, 1 p. Double column. Text clear and complete. On aged paper, with wear to edges and repair on reverse to short closed tear. Thirty verses of biblical parody, sub-Chaldee MS (Blackwoods), the first reading 'AND it came to pass, that when Silkee-Dan, the chief priest of HILLHAUSEN, had read the "Second Book of the Chronicles," he was sore grieved in spirit; for he saw therein certain things which could not be gainsayed, howbeit it troubled him that other matters were laid to his charge which belonged not to him.' Other character are Domini Wil-Krow, Goodman Delver, Crab-grinders, Old Rowley, Longyarn Wilki, Shadrach Cook, Bob Brown, Ephraim Skinner, Bull-mossop (the cag-mag-ite), Drabwash (the flint-skinner), Zo-roaster and Pedro Gammy-Dunny-Bosky Von Stutterheim. Exceedingly scarce. No copy in the British Library, and the only copy on COPAC at the Guildhall Library, whose entry dates the item to around 1828, describing it as 'A satire in the form of a Biblical excerpt, apparently based on the activities of Daniel Wilson, vicar of St. Mary's Islington, 1824-32'.