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Association des Artistes Musiciens, Paris [Baron Isidore Justin Séverin Taylor; M. Thuillier, treasurer]

[Association des Artistes Musiciens, Paris.] Seven lithographed circulars from the early years, each containing facsimiles of the signatures of Baron Isidore Justin Séverin Taylor and the 'Membres du Comité Central' (including Berlioz and Meyerbeer)

The Association des Artistes Musiciens was founded by the traveller and author Baron Isidore Justin Séverin Taylor (1789-1879), and existed between 1843 and 1868. Its aims were to improve the status of musicians, to provide a pension fund and relief, and to promote the art of music. Over the...

Thomas Campbell (1777-1844), Scottish poet, author of 'The Pleasures of Hope' (1799) and 'Gertrude of Wyoming' (1809)

Autograph Manuscript, by the Scottish romantic poet Thomas Campbell, of his essay 'Remarks on the Geography of the Ancients'.

32pp, 8vo. In very good condition, on lightly-aged laid Whatman paper with watermarked date 1830. Ruled in pencil by Campbell, and written out in his attractive calligraphic hand. With occasional emendations, and with an entire revision of the twentieth page made by overlaying another leaf of...


Part of manuscript list of ships, headed '<...> at this present yeare 1676'.

On a piece of foxed and discoloured laid paper, dimensions roughly 12 inches by 8 inches. Edges fraying, and with loss to two corners affecting a text and a total of six entries. Cluster of small holes towards one corner, not affecting text. Bearing a circular red stamp, roughly half an inch in...

Military and Naval History £1,000.00
Sir John Hunt [Brigadier Henry Cecil John Hunt; the Lord Hunt of Llanfair Waterdine] (1910-1998), leader of the 1953 Mount Everest expedition; President, Royal Geographical Society [Arthur Bourne]

[Sir John Hunt, mountaineer and soldier] Eight Typed Letters Signed and two Autograph Letters Signed to journalist, Arthur Bourne, with autograph letter from Lady Hunt, two letters from secretaries, Hunt's funeral service, copies of Bourne's replies.

The collection contains 31 items and is in good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper. Hunt's eight typed letters (three signed 'John Hunt' and five signed 'John') total 4pp., 4to, and 4pp, 12mo; his two autograph letters (one 'John Hunt' and one 'John') total 3pp., 12mo. Also present are:...

Travel and Topography £1,000.00
Henry Van Wart (1784-1873), American-born founder of the Birmingham Stock Exchange, England, and husband of Sarah Irving, sister of Washington Irving (1783-1859), American author and diplomat1

[Washington Irving's brother-in-law Henry Van Wart.] Signed bill, 'To Mess. P. Irving & Co | Merchants | Liverpool', 'In re Peter Irving & In re Washington Irving', carrying bankruptcy order; and Promissory Note; both payable to Messrs. Lewis C & Co.


The context of these documents is as follows. His brother Peter having fallen ill, Washington Irving had taken over the running of the Liverpool office of his family firm, which was forced to declare bankruptcy in 1818. Irving's brother-in-law Henry Van...
Economics, Literature £1,000.00
Emile Cammaerts (1878-1953), Belgian playwright, poet (including war poet) and author who wrote primarily in English and French

[ Emile Cammaerts; unpublished play; annotated by author; typescript ] The Mistress of the Beeches

Typescript, Paginated 76pp. but a few added, eg p.25a, cutting in places), 4to, clipped into brown folder (label partly removed '"The Play Box", Plays Placed, etc'), chipped, fold marks, sunned. Text dulled and stained in parts, but clear. With extensive additions and corrections in Cammaerts...

Keith Douglas Young (b.1916), Australian-born United States intelligence officer, with the 15th Air Force, author of memoir 'Born to Adventure' (1945) [ Barrie Pitt (1918-2006), military historian ]

[ Keith Douglas Young, United States intelligence officer. ] Three Typed Letters Signed (all 'Keith') to military historian Barrie Pitt, discussing topics including his military career, assassination attempts on his life, military intelligence.

Three long letters, closely typed. Each 3pp., 4to. In good condition, with light signs of age and wear. Topics include: his military career; unreliability of field intelligence; the impossibility of 'training future POWs'; his career at the Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs. ONE: 20 September...

Georg Christoph Eimmart the younger (1638-1705), German draftsman, engraver, and astronomer; his daughter Maria Clara Eimmart (1676-1707), astronomer, engraver and designer [ Riedener ]

[ George Christoph Eimmart, German engraver, and his daughter Maria Clara Eimmart, astronomer. ] Autograph Signatures ('Georg: Christoph: Eimmart' and 'Marie Claire Eimmart') with improving autograph quotations in Latin and French.

Each on one side of a 9.5 x 13.5cm piece of paper. Both in fair condition, with light signs of age and wear. G. C. Eimmart's autograph headed by a four-line quotation in Latin beginning: 'Omnes probi viri actiones ad sua intima vergunt'. Signed: 'in Gonorem | Nobilissimi


Art and Architecture, Science, Medicine and Technology £1,000.00
Frank Marcham (c.1887-1944), English bookseller [Robert Harding Evans (1778-1857), auctioneer and bookseller]

[Frank Marcham.] Two typewritten drafts of an annotated list of nearly 500 'Auction Sales made by Robert Harding Evans'; with autograph notes on Evans and on his own collection, with typescript titled 'Literary History and local topography'.

Robert Harding Evans has been described as 'the greatest of all auctioneers of literary property'. In a career spanning three decades he oversaw the dispersal of many of the finest libraries ever assembled, from the great Roxburghe sale of 1812 to that of the Duke of Sussex in 1845, as well as...

Bowyer Nichols [John Bowyer Buchanan Nichols] (1859-1939), English artist and author [his aunt Emily Mary Nichols (nee Ade), wife of Robert Cradock Nichols, son of John Bowyer Nichols]

Fifteen Autograph Letters Signed from artist and poet Bowyer Nichols to his aunt Emily Mary Nichols, daughter-in-law of John Bowyer Nichols, with dozens of sketches and caricatures in letters and on 24 pieces of paper.

All items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. The letters total 49pp, 16mo and 8vo.. All are complete except the last, which lacks the last part. They are liberally adorned with sketches. Mostly addressed to 'My dear Aunty' and signed in a variety of ways, from 'J. Bowyer B. Nichols' to '...