[ Swiss Flora; Alpines ] Swiss botany in the Enllghtenment period: an anonymous manuscript Flora of Switzerland in Latin, with observational notes in French and German.

Flora of Switzerland [ Albrecht von Halle (1708-1777), Abraham Gagnebin (1707-1800) and Johann Rudolf Suter (1766-1827), Swiss naturalists and botanists ]
Swiss Flora 1
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[ Switzerland. Circa 1790? ]
Swiss Flora 1

The present item is a product of the marked growth of interest in botany in general and the flora of Switzerland in particular exhibited during the Enlightenment, and exemplified by Jean-Jacques Rousseau's celebrated 'Lettres élémentaires sur la botanique'. Alexandra Cook's 'Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Botany' (2012) is a useful discussion of the subject (see in particular Chapter 3: 'Helvetia mediatrix: the atmosphere of eighteenth-century Swiss science'). It provides in addition a mass of invaluable observational evidence. 396pp, 8vo.

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