[ Syed Khelafat Hussain, Barrister-at-Law, Bhagalpur; contemporary of Mahatma Gandhi at Inns of Court ] Three printed transcripts of letters to A. P. Muddiman, High Court, Fort William, Bengal, regarding his 'complex relations with Mrs. Maloney'.

Syed Khelafat Hussain [ Syed Khilafat Hussain ] (b.c.1870) Barrister-at-Law, Bhagalpur, a contemporary of Mahatma Gandhi at the Inns of Court [ A. P. Muddiman, High Court, Fort William, Bengal ]
Publication details: 
All dated '8-4-07'. All by 'G.I.C.P.O.', i.e. Calcutta: Government of India Central Printing Office. [ High Court of Judicature, Fort William, Bengal; Appelate Side. Letters dated 25 February, 22 and 25 March 1907. ] First letter stamped 2 June 1907.

Each letter is on a separate leaf. The first and last are each 1p., 8vo; the middle one is 2pp., 8vo. Aged and worn. Hussain was disbarred from the Inner Temple in 1915. The labyrinthine first sentence of the first letter (25 February 1907) hardly inspires confidence: 'Your No. 553, dated the 18th February 1907, has come to hand only to-day, owing to my absence on account of Mohurrum holiday.

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