[The Ca’ Farsetti palace, Venezia, now the town hall of Venice.] Autograph Signature of ‘Made. Farsetti \ Nobile Veneta’, with note in English identifying her as ‘The original owner of the House that is now the Gran Bretagna at Venice.’

Madame Farsetti, owner of the Ca’ Farsetti palace, Venice, later the Gran Bretagna, now the town hall of Venice [Casanova]
Publication details: 
[The English note dates the signature to between 1804 and 1826, when the Ca’ Farsetti in Venice was the hotel Gran Bretagna, before becoming the town hall of Venice.]

The head of the noble Farsetti family Tommaso Farsetti was described by Casanova as ‘a Venetian of noble birth, a knight of Malta, a great student of the occult sciences, and a good Latin versifier’.

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