[Eugen Bleuler, Swiss psychiatrist who coined the terms 'schizophrenia', 'schizoid', 'autism' and 'ambivalence'.] Typed Letter Signed ('Bleuler'), in German, requesting information on the manifestation of 'eine psyche-artige Funktion' in plants.

Eugen Bleuler [Paul Eugen Bleuler] (1857-1939), Swiss psychiatrist and eugenicist, who coined such psychiatric terms as 'schizophrenia', 'schizoid', 'autism' and 'ambivalence'
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On his letterhead, Zurich, Switzerland; 5 March 1939.

1p, 4to. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded twice. Written a few months before Bleuler's death to an unnamed recipient ('Liebster Freund!'), regarding the possibility of consciousness within the plant kingdom. As a nonbotanist ('als Nichtbotaniker') Bleuler has no knowledge of 'die Falle, wo Pflanzen Gedichtnis oder sonst eine psyche-artige Funktion zeigen', with the exception of 'der Mimosen', and it strikes him ' dass ich eigentlich die Pflicht hatte, das Material so weit als moglich zu kennen, bevor ich etwas drucken lasse'.

[ Dorothy M. Richardson ] Autograph Letter Signed "Dorothy M. Richardson" to Clifford Bax, author, about a "small appreciation" of something by her husband (!) she'd like to have published in a periodical Bax edited.

Dorothy M. Richardson, feminist author.
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Harlyn, Padstow, North Cornwall, Dac[?] 1922.

One page, 8vo, lined paper, good condition, hand attractive and somewhat calligraphic. "The irrelevance of the comments to date, on [ husband] Alan Odle's Candide, has moved me to attempt a small appreciation. I send it herewith, hoping that you may find room for it in the January number of "The Golden Hind". | If this is impossible please speedily return my m.s. so that I may send it elsewhere. But I hope you will allow it to accompany your reproductions of Alan Odle's works." Odle, Richardson's Bohemian husband, had illustrated an edition of "Candide".

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