[Shipbuilding in Victorian Scotland.] Notebook of engineer with the firm of Henderson, Coulborn & Co., Renfrew, containing 'Particulars' (specifications of 34 of the firm's ships (screw and paddle steamers and tugs), and diagrams and calculations.

[Henderson, Coulborn & Co., Renfrew, Strathclyde (established in 1847 as James Henderson & Son, and later Lobnitz, Coulborn & Co.), shipbuilders in Victorian Scotland; Glasgow shipbuilding]
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Henderson, Coulburn & Co., Renfrew, Strathclyde, Scotland. 1860s.

95pp., 12mo. In ruled account book stitched into red card wraps. 55 of the pages carry 'Particulars' of named are carefully written out in black ink, with the 'Particulars' of Screw Steamers. The rest of the volume consists of pages of pencil diagrams and calculations. The first ink page is headed: 'Particulars of Screw Steamers | No 51. 53. 53. 56. 57 & 65. | Elvira, Matilda, Coquette Edith &c'.

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