[‘Heinemann do not hope to make a lot of money out of me’: Olivia Manning, novelist.] Two Autograph Letters Signed to ‘Mr. Degenhardt’, regarding his review of her second novel, and approaching the BBC regarding his work on Goethe.

Olivia Manning [married name Olivia Mary Smith] (1908-1980), English novelist [A. H. Degenhardt]
Publication details: 
15 and 22 May 1949; the first from 106 Baker Street, W1 [London], the second from the Unicorn Hotel, Stow-in-the-Wold, Gloucestershire.

See her entry in the Oxford DNB. The letters concern Manning’s second novel, ‘Artist among the Missing’ (1949). Both in fair condition, on lightly aged and spotted paper. Both 2pp, 12mo, and both signed ‘Olivia Manning’. ONE (15 May 1949): Twenty-four lines of text. She thanks him for his review of her book in the Hendford Herald: ‘I feel you have understood the point & purpose of the book a great deal more deeply than most of the regular reviewers who dealt with it for the literary weeklies’.

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