[Cold War civil defence exercise, Braintree Council, Essex, 1953] Collection of duplicated papers relating to the Council's 'Civil Defence Exercise “Robin”', with Autograph Annotations (one Signed) by the author, Brigadier H. H. Dempsey.

[Cold War civil defence exercise, 1953, Braintree Council, Essex] Brigadier Harry Hamilton Dempsey CBE (1895-1973) [Atom Bomb; Nuclear Deterrent]
Publication details: 
[Urban District Council of Braintree and Bocking, Essex.] Clerk's Department, Town Hall, Braintree. 31 October 1953.

15pp., foolscap 8vo. Duplicated typescript on twelve leaves, stapled together. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Several separate documents (some with separate dating) grouped together with a general cover page, which reads: 'Urban District Council of Braintree and Bocking | Civil Defense Exercise “Robin” | at the Braintree Community Centre, Sandpit Road, Braintree | on | Saturday, the 31st October, 1953 | 14.30 hours to 18.30 hours | Clerk's Department, Town Hall, Braintree.' Ownership inscription in pencil at head of cover 'Brig H. H.

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