[Cardinal de Retz [Jean François Paul de Gondi], Archbishop of Paris, memoirist.] Autograph Note Signed, in French, to unnamed recipient, recommending the 'Sr de filene'.

Cardinal de Retz [Jean François Paul de Gondi] (1613-1679), Archbishop of Paris, memoirist, agitator in the Fronde [Louis XIII; Louis XIV]
Publication details: 
'A Commercy le 5 Decembre 1668'.

1p, 8vo. In fair condition, lightly aged, with stub of mount adhering to one edge and several neat fold lines. The six lines of the document are pressed up at the top of one page, and the hand is difficult to modern eyes. It appears to read: 'Je vous recommande de tout mon coeur les interets du Sr de filene et reprends [?] cette occasion de vous assurer de la passion que [?] de vous servir.' The handwriting accords with other examples, and the words of the signature are not entirely clear, appearing to read: 'J [F?] Cardinal de Rets. [sic]'

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