[ Syed Khelafat Hussain, Barrister-at-Law, Bhagalpur; contemporary of Mahatma Gandhi at Inns of Court ] Three printed transcripts of letters to A. P. Muddiman, High Court, Fort William, Bengal, regarding his 'complex relations with Mrs. Maloney'.

Syed Khelafat Hussain [ Syed Khilafat Hussain ] (b.c.1870) Barrister-at-Law, Bhagalpur, a contemporary of Mahatma Gandhi at the Inns of Court [ A. P. Muddiman, High Court, Fort William, Bengal ]
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All dated '8-4-07'. All by 'G.I.C.P.O.', i.e. Calcutta: Government of India Central Printing Office. [ High Court of Judicature, Fort William, Bengal; Appelate Side. Letters dated 25 February, 22 and 25 March 1907. ] First letter stamped 2 June 1907.

Each letter is on a separate leaf. The first and last are each 1p., 8vo; the middle one is 2pp., 8vo. Aged and worn. Hussain was disbarred from the Inner Temple in 1915. The labyrinthine first sentence of the first letter (25 February 1907) hardly inspires confidence: 'Your No. 553, dated the 18th February 1907, has come to hand only to-day, owing to my absence on account of Mohurrum holiday.

[Sir Salar Jung, Prime Minister of Hyderabad.] Anonymous manuscript article in English, written from an Indian rather than British viewpoint, praising, with financial statistics, the economic achievements of the first 25 years of his administration.

Sir Salar Jung [Sir Mir Turab Ali Khan, Salar Jung I, GCSI] (1829-1883), Prime Minister of Hyderabad 1853-1883
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[Hyderabad, Inda.] Written c. 1879 [1263 Fuslee'], the twenty-fifth year of Jung's administration, with the latest date reference in text '1874/5 (corresponding with 1284 Fuslee)'. On paper watermarked 1873 and 1874.

Three items: the full article, the beginning of an earlier draft, and an annotated table. All in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Unusually, the article is not written from a British point of view, but rather in praise Jung's achievements from within Hyderabad itself (the author refers to 'the results we have here obtained'). Despite complaining of what he calls the 'scant records have come down to us', the author is able to present his case with a deal of economic information.

Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'J Gordon') written from India by the cavalry officer Sir John Bury Gordon of Park, raiser of the 4th Nizam's Cavalry ('Gordon's Horse'), to his sister Mrs Jessey Hannah Creed, including a discussion of his career.

Sir John Bury Gordon (1779-1835), 5th Baronet of Park, who raised in 1826, as part of the Hyderabad Cavalry, the 4th Nizam’s Cavalry, later the 30th Lancers, known as 'Gordon's Horse'
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Letter One: Hyderabad, 1 August 1828. Letter Two: Hingolee, 31 March 1831.

Both items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper, with slight loss of text to both from the cutting away of Gordon's seal. Both addressed to 'My dearest Jessey' and posted to her as 'Mrs. Creed', care of General Corner, 4 Berkeley Street, Portman Square, London. Letter One (1828): 5pp., 4to. On a bifolium and a single leaf. With Madras postmark and three others. He begins by explaining his handling of money 'from the Estate of our poor late Uncle [...] sufficient in the beginning of the Year for the Purchase of my Majority in the 13th Dragoons in the Event of a Vacancy'.

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