[Sir Henry Hallett Dale (1875-1968), Nobel Prize winning pharmacologist and physiologist.] Typed Letter Signed ('H. H. Dale') to historian of medicine Richard A. Hunter, with signed photograph as chairman of Wellcome Trustees.

Sir Henry Hallett Dale (1875-1968), pharmacologist and physiologist, joint winner of 1936 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine [Richard Alfred Hunter (1923-1981), physician and historian of medicine]
Publication details: 
Letter on letterhead of the Wellcome Trust, 24 Harley Street, London, W1. 10 July 1956.

For his study of acetylcholine as agent in the chemical transmission of nerve impulses (neurotransmission) Dale shared the 1936 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with Otto Loewi. For more information on letter's recipient Richard A. Hunter see Munk's Roll. Both items in good condition, lightly aged, the letter having a few unobtrusive pinholes to the top inner corner. ONE: TLS to Hunter, signed 'H. H. Dale'. 1p, 12mo. The letterhead, in addition to naming the five trustees, states that the 'Scientific Secretary of the Wellcome Trust is 'Dr. F. H. K.

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