Two photographs of elaborate pen and ink cartoons, the first celebrating the Calcutta v. Bombay cricket, lawn tennis and racquets match of October 1884; the second titled 'CRICKET | 1885 | MATCHES WEEK', with several caricatures of named players.

Bombay v Calcutta cricket week, 1884-1885 [Indian cricket; English cricketers in victorian India; the Raj; Lewis Carroll; Tenniel]
Publication details: 
India: 1884 and 1885.

Both photographs 23.5 x 18.5 cm, mounted on the sides of a leaf of discoloured paper removed from an album. Both in good condition, one with light fading to the extremities. Both pictures are elaborately-planned and well-executed. The first, filling the whole of the photographic paper, is bordered by foliage, with two Indian maidens flying at the head, and a group of hats and pith helmets at the foot, with two waiters (one with champagne in a cooler labelled 'Culla Club', captioned 'Bombay Effervesces'.

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