[Medieval religious illustration: ‘MISSAL RHEIMS’.] Two detailed miniature illuminated illustrations of the the temptation of Christ by the Devil, on vellum, in medieval religious style, each docketed ‘MISSAL RHEIMS’.

[Medieval religious illustration: ‘MISSAL RHEIMS’ (illuminated manuscript from Reims, France?)]
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Both said to be from a Rheims (Reims, France) missal. Either dating from the thirteenth or fourteenth century, or copies of such illustrations.

Two sprightly illustrations - bright, fresh and detailed - in vibrant colours (cobalt blue, light blue, pink, red purple, black, green), each with the background painted in gilt. The illustrations would appear to be genuine, but may be copies. Each is on a rectangle of vellum, and both are remarkably clean if indeed seven or eight centuries old. Each has traces of glue from previous mounting on the reverse. No text or other design on either side of the pieces. Both have ‘MISSAL RHEIMS’ in pencil above the illustration, and ‘1ST VELLUM’ at foot. ONE: On 7.5 x 12 cm piece of vellum.

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