[ Howard Lindsay and Russell Crouse. ] Typescript of play 'Life with Father', with accompanying note to theatre historian W. Macqueen Pope from the agents Myron Selznick (London) Ltd.

Howard Lindsay (1889-1968) and Russel Crouse (1893-1966)
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Typescript without place or date. Note from Myron Selznick (London) Ltd dated 18 November 1943.

159pp., 4to. Typed in red and black. In good condition, on aged paper, in worn green card covers. TWO: Typed Note, signed by Enid Reynolds, 'Secretary to Mr. David Henley', sending the play to Macqueen-Pope. In good condition on aged paper. 1p., landscape 12mo. Lindsay and Crouse's 1939 adaptation of Clarence Day's book was the longest running non-musical Broadway play in history, spawning a film and television series.

Issues 2 and 4 of 'The Purple Renoster' (the first subtitled 'The South African Literary Quarterly' and the second 'The Johannesburg Literary Magazine').

Lionel Abrahams (1928-2004), editor, The Purple Renoster, literary quarterly, Johannesburg, South Africa; Barney Simon (1932-1995), associate editor
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Kensington, Johannesburg, South Africa. Issue 2: Spring 1957. Issue 4: Summer 1960.

Issue 2: 50pp., 4to. 'Mimeographed Issue' in purple and black wraps. In good condition, lightly-aged, with slight pitting to wraps and rusting to staples. Contributions by Ezekiel Mphehlele, S. Jasven, H. K. Girling, Barney Simon, Ben Jasven, Herman Charles Bosman, David Hendricks, Gerard Viljoen, Bernard Sachs, Michael Picardie, 'Libra', Riva Lador, Joshua Messan. Issue 4: 93pp., 4to, with two-page cartoon inserted between pp.49 and 50. In dark and light blue, purple and black wraps. In good condition, lightly-aged, with slight staining along spine and rusting to staples.

Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society [featuring 'Catalogue of Hymenopterous Insects collected by Mr. A. R. Wallace in the Islands of Mysol, Ceram, Waigiou, Bouru, and Timor. By Frederick Smith [...] Communicated by W. W. Saunders [...]']

Alfred Russel Wallace; Frederick Smith; William Wilson Saunders (1809-1879); Arthur Adams; G. Mann; Sir W. J. Hooker; Thomas Anderson; M. J. Berkeley, contributors [Linnean Society]
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London: Sold at the Society's Apartments, Burlington House; and by Longman, Green, Longmans and Roberts, and Williams and Norgate. 1863.

8vo: 56 pp. In original blue printed wraps. Unopened. Good, on lightly-aged paper, in creased and slightly-chipped wraps. The title of Smith's catalogue of Wallace's collection ('Read Jan. 15, 1863') ends '[...] By Frederick Smith, Assistant in the Zoological Department, British Museum. Communicated by W. W. Saunders, Esq., F.R.S. & L.S.' It runs from p.6 to p.48. Detailed catalogue preceded by brief note by Smith. Smith's 'Catalogue of Hymenopterous Insects' had appeared in 7 parts between 1853 and 1859.

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