[‘Congratulations on your stamina.’ Brian Aldiss, author and science-fiction writer.] Autograph Card Signed to Bruce Watson, regarding his claim to have read all of Aldiss’s books.

Brian Aldiss [Brian Wilson Aldiss; Brian W. Aldiss] (1925-2017), British author, a leading figure in the ‘British New Wave’ of science fiction.
Publication details: 
24 July 1996; card with his letterhead, 39 St Andrews Road, Old Headington, Oxford.

See his entry in the Oxford DNB. Card with letterhead printed in blue with landscape orientation on one side; the other side blank. In very good condition. Clearly responding to a request for an autograph. The first paragraph reads: ‘I was astonished to hear you had read all my books. No one has made that claim before! Congratulations on your stamina. Though if you have enjoyed them so much, you might have enclosed an s.a.e.!’ He concludes with the news that his ‘Secret of this Book’ will soon be appearing in paperback, and that he is ‘finishing an autobiography’.

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