[Miscellaneous Ephemera and manuscript material] A Kipling Family Archive:

[Rudyard Kipling and his extended family]
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Rudyard Kipling’s sister ‘Trix’ and the Macdonald family, 1890-1987The archive, which derives from the Macdonald family, is described below in 45 entries, under six headings. It contains of material relating to the Kipling, Burne-Jones, Poynter and Baldwin families.A. Miscellaneous itemsB. Kipling’s sister ‘Trix’: Alice Macdonald Fleming (1868-1948)C. The Kiplings’ cousin Julius Frederick MacdonaldD. Miscellaneous correspondenceE. Miscellaneous ephemeraF. Family ScrapbooksIn good overall condition, lightly aged and worn.A. Miscellaneous items1.

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