[Winnie the Pooh] A collection of six prints, by Ernest H. Shepard, 1928, depicting incidents in the lives of Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh.

(Milne, A. A., and Shepard, Ernest H.).
Publication details: 

Six coloured prints from Home Chat magazines, c.16 x 21.5cm published in a series around October 1928, very good condition. The prints are: Christopher Robin has a Little Something at Eleven (see image); What Christopher Robin does in the Mornings; Christopher Robin gives Extract of Malt all round; Christopher Robin's Green Braces; Christopher Robin at the Enchanted Place; Christopher Robin organises an Expotition. Ernest H. Shepard produced these prints exclusively for the magazine and they apparently never appeared in any of the 'Pooh' books. Scarce.

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