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[BOOK TRADE; PUBLISHING HISTORY] [Grant Richards, Publisher]

[Manuscript]"Trustee in Bankruptcy of Grant Richards to Mr A. Moring / Assignment of Goodwill and publishing rights of 'Worlds Classics &c'", Signed by H.A. Moncrieff, Accountant, "Trustee of the estate of . . . Grant Richards in Bankruptcy"

Two leaves, vellum, folio, one page blank, folded, good condition. Details he bankruptcy of Grant Richards are given, mentioning the addresses of his premises, and continues: "The said Alexander Moring [publisher, de la More Press] has recently agreed with the said . . . Moncrieff for the...

Book Trade History £595.00

Parchment Manuscript Indenture, consisting of the counterpart lease of No. 50 Holywell Street, Strand, Middlesex, from the Revd Charles Felton Smith, Edwin Augustus Smith and others to John Bedford Leno.

Leno (1824-94) was a printer, publisher, poet and editor, and a significant figure in nineteenth-century radicalism. In 1845, while a printer, he led a group of radical workers who started a Young Men's Improvement Society and circulated a manuscript newspaper entitled the 'Attempt'. He then...

Book Trade History £325.00
[Bookbinders to the SPCK]

Invoices and receipts.

Six items, invoices and receipts, 1835-1836, some revealing the spreading of the binding among different firms of "Military Prayers" [prob. John Parker Lawson, "The Military Pastor", a series of Practical Discourses addressed to soldiers, with prayers for the use of the sick published by J.W....

Book Trade History £100.00
[BOOKBINDING] A[rchibald] Leighton, bookbinder (prob. II, active 1801-1841; BBTI).

Autograph Note Signed to Saunders & Otley, publisher and bookseller (active 1826-1851; BBTI)

Piece of paper, bifoliate, c.5 x 4", good condition. "Gent. / These books belong to you - I will call & explain tomorrow / A. Leighton". Archibald Leighton II helped invent and develop 'book cloth binding' between 1820 and 1832. (BBTI).

Book Trade History £55.00
[BOOKSELLING] Sir Basil Blackwell

Typed Note Signed to J. G. Wilson of Messrs Bumpus of Oxford Street.

Notable Oxford bookseller (1889-1984). 1 page, 16mo. In good condition though dusty. He thanks Wilson for sending 'The Yellow Dwarf', 'which shall be duly submitted to the editor of 'The Merry-Go-Round'. Thank you for thinking of it.' Signed 'B Blackwell'.

Book Trade History £45.00
[Boston; The Christian Review; <T Nayland? or Wayland?>; Sir E. F. Bromhead; nineteenth century economics; economic history]

An Article on the Debts of the States from the Christian Review for March, 1844.

8vo: 24 pp. Unbound and stitched. With printed grey front wrap, inscribed to 'Sir E. F. Bromhead | Bassingham | Lincolnshire | from the author | '. On aged paper, grubby at extremities and a little dogeared, but tight and with text clear and entire. 'The general fact has been long before the...

History £150.00
[Breach of Contract for Pastoral Leases in Queensland, Australia, 1923]

Corrected galley proofs headed '125783 - BOOKLET - ONE | Queensland's Breach of Contract.'

On one side each of five 46 x 14.5 cm slips of paper. Good: slightly aged and with rusting to staple. Begins 'Much comment having appeared in the Press during the last three years on the subject of a breach by the Government of Queensland of the contracts contained in the Pastoral Leases issued...

History £75.00
[British Army Regiments of Foot; Infantry; military]

Manuscript notebook, listing the infantry regiments of the British army, with brief descriptions of their mottos, uniforms, and periods of service.

12mo (leaf dimensions 16 x 11 cm), 60 pp. Stitched notebook of thirty leaves, without covers. In fair condition, aged and with wear to extremities of outer leaves. On laid Italian paper, with the watermark of the Italian firm G. & C. Cini. Neatly written, with the body of the writing in one...

Military and Naval History £125.00

The History of British India Chronologically Arranged.

[Title continued] "Published with No.1, New Series, of Cassell's Illustrated Family Paper". Sheet, folded, recto comprising four pages, sm. folio, small tear, good condition, giving an "Indian Chronology" from 1593 to 1857 (The Mutiny) and "Statistics of British India" (from population to...

History £100.00

Autograph Signature to House of Commons order.

Politician (1776-1858; DNB), later Speaker of the Commons, later 1st Baron Dunfermline. The Committee investigated the riot which took place behind Cold Bath Fields Prison in London on 15 May 1833, during which three policemen were stabbed, one of them fatally. 1 page, 8vo. Not in the best of...

History £85.00