[ Maurice Collis, biographer of Stanley Spencer (pub.1962) ] Seven Autograph Letters Signed and one Typed LS Maurice Collis to Daphne [Charlton], lover of Stanley Spencer, and model), revealing their discussions of Spencer for his biography.

Maurice Stewart Collis (1889 – 1973), biographer of Stanley Spencer, sometime administrator in Burma, a writer on Southeast Asia, China and other hi
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Bradford Lodge, Ray Park Road, Maidenhead, 8 July 1960-11 April [1961]
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Seven ALSs, one TLS, 18 pages, 12mo, very good condition. [1. 8 July 1960] arranging lunch in a restaurant where they'll be able to talk; [2. 13 July 1960] He thanks her for the valuable & interesting information about Stanley yesterday. Your talk gave me a greater insight into his character than I had before. She amplified what Spencer's writings had revealed, etc. He comments extensively on a letter she had loaned (more detailed impression of Patricia, etc.) which he'll try to amplify on their next meeting, thinking conversation would be more revealing than her writing something in cold blood). He angles for more letters from Stanley to her to help to build up the authentic portrait which I hope to write; [3. 21 October 1960] George Charlton, cuckolded husband, had spoknen very nicely about Stanley so you must not worry. He will present Stanley as a bigger man than he has been supposed to be by those who only knew him slightly. Mentions arrangements for meeting, Daphne and George (separately); [4. 30 Nov. 1960] He is saddened by her refusal to let him see her letters. In writing Stanley's biography I am trying as far as possible to quote his own words and to avoid judgments and objective interpretations of my own. As he hopes Stanley would appreciate. He reminds Daphne that Stanley was also a long-term friend of his and they met up on many occasions. My ambition is to produce a biography which will be a work of art, a book which he himself would like to have read. He's reached 1918 in his writing from which Stanley will emerge as a remarkable man, a picture of him, not a criticism. The trustees have supplied papers that will provide ample material but strongly hints that material from those who knew him would help and they should bring themselves to think of the book as a worthy memorial of the person they loved and admired; [5. TLS. 17 Oct. 1960] He alludes to his upcoming meetings with her and George, grateful that she will allow him to see her letters from Spencer; [6. 2 Feb. 1961] He praises a book (The Descent of the God) and hopes to hear about the medical treatment she's getting. And to read the letters, since he's currently writng the chapter that concerns her and Stanley (the most human chapter in the book)[N.B. Having read the chapter concerned, Collis was obviously not being quite honest and honourable here!]; [7. 19 March 1961] Arranging a meeting In Cookham; [8. 11 April [1961] The tyepscript is being scrutinised by the three executors. He hopes to publish with their approval. It will need lengthy revision.