[Head of Station, Tokyo; Japan] [Cyclostyled or similar] H/Tokyo's Valedictory Report

[Head of Station, Tokyo]
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(Covering Note dated 5 April 1974), one page, 4to; Valedictory Report, 10 pages, 4to, good condition. A lengthy analysis of The Japanese, their society, customs, language, societal changes, etc., subjects that Intelligence would think important. See sample image. No other copy traced. From the private papers of C. A. A. Nicol, who was a 'Member of a joint FCO/MOD department in Hong Kong' between 1970 and 1975. Nicol joined the Malayan Union Police Force in 1950, and served in the Royal Malaysian Police between 1957 and 1967, 'to assist in promoting and consolidating the successful transition to full independence. During this period the Special Branch played a vital role in maintaining peace and security in the country.' Throughout his career Nicol was involved in anti-Communist activities.