[Dora Carrington; Bloomsbury; bookplates; art] Autograph Letter Signed Noel Carrington to King [?], about his sister's work (Carrington) and Lytton Strachey's library.

[Dora Carrington] Noel Carrington [Noel Lewis Carrington (1895 – 1989), book designer, editor, publisher, and the originator of Puffin Books.]
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Long Acre Farm, Lambourn, Berks, RG16 7UH
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Two pages, cr. 8vo, fold marks, good condition. Text: Your enquiry about woodcuts and bookplates made by my sister Dora Carrington for Lytton Strachey and others: You will find in the book on her Letters & Diaries edited by David Garnett (Cape 1970) and Paper Back OUP, several reproductions of her work in that medium, either for Hogarth Press, or for book plates for friends. It was John Nash who taught her, he himself being an experienced engraver. I have one of two original proofs but value them too highly to spare them. I also have a photo copy of several which I had made for reference which I could loan you if you are anxious, though it is not any use for reproduction. I gave some account of this & other crafts she took up in my book on her art [...]. | Your P.S. about a bookplate by Halsey Ricardo is something I do not recall. Lytton's library was left to his brother James and to Roger Senhouse. But all his brothers & sisters died some time ago. I believe the widow of his nephew, Dick Strachey, may have inherited some of the library [...]. | I am afraid that is all the help I can give you.