[C. Abramsky Ltd, bookseller; printed Catalogue; heavily annotated by Abramsky] LIST No. 2

[Chimen Abramsky (1916 – 2010), scholar, antiquarian bookseller, emeritus professor of Jewish studies at University College London]
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5 Hillway, London, N6, March 1963.
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Printed Wraps, 49pp., 8vo, some wear and tear due to use, but ow, good condition. Initially Contents page ranging from Autographs, Manuscripts, Jewish Bindings, and Four very rare Hebrew Books To T.J. Wise Pamphlets and Woman's Emancipation, including Russian Books. The extensive annotation includes (front wrap) FILE COPY IMPORTANT. WITH a forest of catalogue item numbers of sold items & marginal notes of sales (major institutions worldwide from Alberta to Jerusalem to Yale, Isaiah Berlin, Lelio Basso (both multiple orders), Haward (University) (many more than their multiple). The annotation includes a record of people and institutions who were beaten to the punch but had their want recorded. The last entry, Woman's Emancipation, was bought by Goteburg U. Sweden but wanted by Arthur Holden New York and another university (33 scarce and important pamphlets for £20). See Sasha Abramsky, The House of Twenty Thousand Books (2015).