[Gotthard Victor Lechler, German Lutheran theologian.] Four Autograph Letters Signed, in German.

Gotthard Victor Lechler (1811-1881), German Lutheran theologian
Gotthard Victor Lechler
Gotthard Victor Lechler2
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20 May and 14 November 1882; 23 July and 14 August 1883.
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See his entry in Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th ed. The four items are in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Each letter signed ‘Gotthard Lechler’. A total of 200 lines of closely-written text, on 11pp, 8vo, and on three bifoliums and a single leaf. ONE (20 May 1882): Addressed to ‘Lieber Freund!’ 3pp, 8vo. 44 lines. 3pp, 8vo. TWO (14 November 1882): Addressed to ‘Verehrter Freund!’ 2pp, 8vo. 42 lines. THREE (23 July 1883): Addressed to ‘Verehrter, geliebter Freund!’ 4pp, 8vo. 83 lines. FOUR (14 August 1883): ‘Lieber und verehter Freund!’ 2pp, 8vo. 31 lines. See scans of sample letter. Full copies suppied on application.