Autograph note signed and one typed letter signed to Dennis Eadie,

George Pleydell Bancroft
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12 and 31 May 1926.
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Clerk of Assize for the Midland Circuit (1868-1956), son of the actor Sir Squire Bancroft (1841-1926) and the actress Marie Effie Wilton (1839-1921). The letter, 12 May 1926, one page, 8vo, on mourning paper, with embossment White Lodge, Westgate-on-sea. "Pray excuse a typewritten letter. / To certain specified "comrades of the Stage, members of the Garrick Club, in grateful remembrance of their friendship", my father by his Will bequeathes a souvenir. / You are one of those "comrades"; and when I can it will be a pleasure to me to communicate with you further." Heavily creased and torn, with some staining. The note, 31 May 1926, on mourning paper with letterhead A1. The Albany". "My dear Dennis Eadie, / With this I send you the bronze figure of an old witch from my father." The two are held together by a rusty old pin.