[George Clarke Musgrave, English-born American soldier and writer] Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'G. C. Musgrave') to a reviewer on the 'Figaro', concerning his book 'To Kumassi with Scott'. With printed publisher's flier and press cutting.

George C. Musgrave [George Clarke Musgrave] (1874-1932) English-born American soldier and writer, "Victorian Adventurer", author of 'To Kumassi with Scott' [Sir Francis Scott; 4th Anglo-Ashanti War]
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Both letters on letterhead of 12 The Leas, Folkestone [Kent, England]. 17 and 28 December 1896. Printed flier: Wightman & Co., "The Westminster Press," 104 Regency Street, London, SW. Undated.
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The two letters and flier are in good condition, on lightly-aged paper; the cutting is on aged newsprint, separated into two parts along a crease line. Letter One (17 December 1896): 2pp., 12mo. Bifolium. He informs the recipient that, as the review list for the book is closed, its publishers Wightman & Co have sent on the reviewer's letter to Musgrave. 'We are following this course as much interest exists between the North Country & West Africa. In fact the deadly colonies of the coast would soon come to a standstill, were it not for the labours of numbers of Scotchmen, who brave the climate in a way that makes "Southerners" wonder'. He describes his book as 'an unpretentious little volume, of more interest perhaps, for its side lights than the account of the expedition, which has been so fully dealt upon in Major Baden Powell's Diary "The Downfall of Prempeh".' Baden Powell's book is 'a well produced & expensive work [...] beyond the reach of ordinary readers, whilst its interest is mainly military rather than general'. Letter Two (25 December 1896): 3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. He discusses a photographic reproduction which the recipient would like to accompany his review in the Figaro. Musgrave gives the details of the printer (J. Lesley, 17 Charlotte Street, Portland Place), and explains how to obtain and return the 'fair block, taken from a small snap shot enlargement', which the recipient wishes to accompany the review. Musgrave is 'sailing to Cuba in the course of a few days', and lists four people to whom he would like copies of the review sent. Printed flier: 4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. Good, on lightly-aged paper. Headed 'Now Ready. | To Kumassi with Scott. | A new & popular edition of a work on West Africa and the Ashanti Expedition. | By George C. Musgrave'. The last page prints three endorsements: the first from H. M. Stanley, the second from the Daily News, the third from 'An Officer who served with the Force'. The cutting is headed: 'The occupation of Kumasi. [sic] | King Prempeh a prisoner. | Arrest of the envoys. | Official despatches.'