[George Clarke Musgrave, English-born American soldier and writer] Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'G. C. Musgrave') to a reviewer on the 'Figaro', concerning his book 'To Kumassi with Scott'. With printed publisher's flier and press cutting.

George C. Musgrave [George Clarke Musgrave] (1874-1932) English-born American soldier and writer, "Victorian Adventurer", author of 'To Kumassi with Scott' [Sir Francis Scott; 4th Anglo-Ashanti War]
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Both letters on letterhead of 12 The Leas, Folkestone [Kent, England]. 17 and 28 December 1896. Printed flier: Wightman & Co., "The Westminster Press," 104 Regency Street, London, SW. Undated.

The two letters and flier are in good condition, on lightly-aged paper; the cutting is on aged newsprint, separated into two parts along a crease line. Letter One (17 December 1896): 2pp., 12mo. Bifolium. He informs the recipient that, as the review list for the book is closed, its publishers Wightman & Co have sent on the reviewer's letter to Musgrave. 'We are following this course as much interest exists between the North Country & West Africa.

Autograph Letter Signed to 'Monsieur Huot, Rue des Gravelles No. 4. Versailles'.

Grégoire-Louis Domeny de Rienzi (1789-1843 or after 1850), French adventurer, illusionist, fantasist, traveller and author
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Paris 10 aout [1830s]'; on letterhead of the Repertoire des Connaissances usuelles, Dictionnaire de la Conversation et de la Lecture.

12mo, 3 pp. Forty-four lines of text. Difficult hand. Concerns the printing of one of de Rienzi's works by Huot, to whom de Rienzi will transmit all the printed leaves which have not been published. De Rienzi's works have him fighting at Wagram and Waterloo, for the Greeks in 1818 and 1822, with Bolivar in 1819, with the Carbonari in 1821, and under Mehemet Ali in 1823. After 1830 he was a professor of Geography in Paris. He committed suicide.

Autograph Note Signed "Jo Lambert" to "Mon cher Brulon". In French. WITH: an explanatory letter from "Brulon", Lambert's correspondent.

Joseph Lambert
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["La marseille, 1864" in another hand], 9 September.

French adventurer (esp. in Madagascar). One page, 8vo, good condition. Text as follows: Je vais m'embarquer dans un moment. Je vous ecrirai longuement de Messina ou d'Alexandrie. Je ne passe pas par Malta - je vous [?] d'Aden ce que vous me demandez. / Mes hommages respetueux a les Dames . . . [postscript] J'ai laisse les choses dans la meme etat je n'ai pas fait faire de nouvelles procurations [Orobin?] . . .

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