[Lieutenant-General Archibald Robertson of Lawers, Scottish soldier.] Manuscript registered copy of 'Supplementary Trust Disposition'. With accounts of 'Legacy duty paid'.

Lieutenant-General Archibald Robertson of Lawers, Scottish soldier who participated in the Battle of Havana, 1762, and the American War of Independence
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[Edinburgh, Scotland?] 'Dated 1 June 1812 | Regd. 22 Feby 1813'.
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11pp., foolscap 8vo. Stitched together and folded into the customary packet. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper, with tears along the crease lines of the last leaf.. The document begins: 'Know all Men by these presents, That I Lieutenant General Archibald Robertson of Lawers, Considering that by a Trust Ded execute by me of my heritable and moveable Estate and effects generally and particularly therein described bearing date the twenty ninth day of November One thousand Seven hundred and Ninety nine years to and in favours of William Robertson Esq Advocate, James Bruce Esq. of the Excise Edinburgh, John Dundas Esq. Writer to the Signet Edinburgh and Robert Dundas Esq. his Son, and such other person or persons as I shall appoint by a writing under my hand at any time of my life or even on deathbed and to the Survivers [sic] or Surviver of them or the Accepters or Accepter of them and to each other persons or person as my Trustees shall think fit to assume in the event therein mentioned'. The document describes various legacies for relatives and friends. The accounts are in the top quarter of the reverse of the last leaf of the Dispositon, and are headed 'Legacy duty paid | No. 5 fol. 66', consisting of around twenty entries, from 'Miss C: Austen £3067. 10' to 'J

Donald £10 Age 31 | value £146 7 9'.