[PoW, Ist WW] Fragment of a Diary concerning capture and life as a Prisoner of War, headed "Diary Sept 25th 1917".

[First World War] Anon. Prisoner of War
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Ypres-Menin Road- Dulmen, and on, 1917.
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Two pages, 16mo, in pencil, ragged with small loss or obscurity, and clear, a little ungrammatical. Text as follows: "Captured on the morning of Sept. 25 on Ypres-Menin Road 11.30a.m. all p[ersonal?] papers etc taken at Div Hdqrs proceed to Courtrai stay 1 night leave for Dendermonde] on the 26th arrive 27th bath at [Loleron?] leave Dendermonde Oct. 18th arrive at Dulmen [...}" Red Cross parcel arives. "11 daus isolation & starvation & 5 inoculation7 once vaccination in Group 3 ...]Nov. 14 Kammando [sic]. thrashinbg rye 1st good feed in Germany. bread potatoes & turnip tops coffee1 weeks carpentering in packet office [...] Christmas Eve freezing hard & snowing hard champing potatoes. the evening spent in scrounging for beread off the Russians. water soup for a whole week before Xmas [...] 4 inches snow (nicht arbeit) Rushy bloater & slice of [Duecth ...?] for breakfast previous evening dru[...?] for 61 food articles between 75 [obscured word] our school of 4 are lucky we draw 1/2 lb tin of apple pudding 1 tin of carrots I pakt tea & i tin of salmon leave Gustrow Dec. 29th draw 1 packet between 3 men arrive at Kiel same day 81/2 hrs train journey . billeted in fabric 20 men".