To You is the Word of Salvation sent. Seven Addresses to the Men and Women of England, delivered at St Martin's Hall, London, by Richard Weaver, a converted Collier and Ex-Pugilist. With a biographical sketch.

Richard Weaver, a converted Collier and Ex-Pugilist [born at Asterley, near Shrewsbury, Shropshire, in 1827, died 1896]
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London: Benj. Lowe & Co., 31, Paternoster Row. [No date, but preface dated 'London, September, 1860.'.]
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128pp., 16mo. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper, in shiny yellow printed wraps with slight staining at head of front cover. The twelve-page 'Biographical Sketch' covers pp.3-16. It quotes the Rev. Baptist W. Noel as saying that Weaver 'has been preaching at Sheffield, and other towns, to multitudes of working men [...] he was, at one time, addicted to prize-fighting, and that he was never beaten in his life. His companions used to call him "Undaunted Dick," [...] He never belonged, it seems, to the "Prize-ring," but was nonetheless frequently engaged in pugilistic encounters with other Staffordshire miners'. Excessively scarce: the only copy traced on either COPAC or OCLC WorldCat at the British Library (although WorldCat does list a Canadian reprint of 96pp., held by Victoria University Library). Weaver was celebrated in his lifetime: 'The Life of Richard Weaver, the Converted Collier' was published in London by Morgan & Chase in 1861.