[Ballantyne & Co., printers] Autograph Letter Signed "JA Ballantyne", printer, son of Walter Scott's printer and friend, to John Hughes, eventually his partner in the printers, details of income, etc. and the publication of the "Answer" to Lockhart.

John Alexander Ballantyne, printer
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London, 5 May 1838
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Four pages, cr. 8vo, bifolium, fold marks, minor staining, small hole with loss of letter, text clear and complete. He reveals his plan for his visit to Scotland, asking Hughes to make arrangements with his landlady "Mrs S" to take lodgings with her from the 25th for a six month period. For such a long stay he doesn't think lodgings should cost as much as "31.6d". He arranges for a servant for the period, coals, a chest of drawers for his rooms, a wardrobe in a closet. "Will my guardian think 3 guineas a week too much! [...] Or say £5, to settle the price of the rooms and every thing [phrase underlined] exclusive, of course, of my quarterly allowance of £25.- that for sox months will be £130, and +£50 [...] £180." He adds more about his financial intentions. He concludes, "I am rather surprised and a good deal chagrined that I have not yet seen a sheet of our Answer [underlined, see below]. The thing will be stale and forgotten". Note: "Answer" = "The Ballantyne-Humbug handled, in a letter to Sir A. Fergusson [in answer to a pamphlet, entitled: “Refutation of the misstatements and calumnies contained in Mr. Lockhart's Life of Sir W. Scott, Bart., respecting the Messrs. Ballantyne. By the Trustees and Son of the late James Ballantyne”]. By the author of the Memoirs of the Life of Sir W. Scott (J. G. L.).PublishedEdinburgh, 1839