Single leaf extracted from 'Die Chronica van der hilliger Stat van Coellen' (The Cologne Chronicle, 1499) as a keepsake for a 'Colophon' dinner, with folder and explanatory text, together with a leaf from

Johann Koelhoff the Younger, printer of 'Die Chronica van der hilliger Stat van Coellen', 1499 [ 'The Colophon: A Book Collector's Quarterly'; Dr A. S. W. Rosenbach; incunabula ]
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[ Cologne: Johann Koelhoff the Younger, 1499. ] [ New York: The Colophon (Pynson Printers). Undated (1929?) ]
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Four items loosely inserted in a 33 x 25.5 cm black paper folder which is in good condition, with light signs of wear. With 26.5 x 20.5 illustrated label on cover, printed in black and brown, for 'The Colophon | A book collector's quarterly'. Presented to the guests at a 'Colophon' dinner (perhaps the inaugural one in 1929?). The contents as follows. ONE: Leaf from the Cologne Chronicle, 1499. The dimensions of the leaf from this incunabulum are roughly 30.5 x 20.5 cm. In fair condition, on aged paper with light damp staining. With three woodcuts, each roughly 5 x 4 cm. The first, on the recto, depicting a pope, the other two, the same as one another, depicting a bearded king. Recto headed with subtitle: 'Soter van Campanien pays | Gheyn Bisschoff tzo Coellen', and with 'lxv' (pagination?) in top right-hand corner. Last subtitle on veso: 'Helius der hartneckich wart der roi'. TWO: Notice by 'The Colophon', nicely printed in red and black, on one side of 32.5 x 25 cm wove paper. With two facsimile illustrations from the Cologne Chronicle. Discussing the background of the leaf 'which is inserted in this folder', and containing the following in red: 'The Colophon is glad to express here its gratitude to Dr. A. S. W. Rosenbach for his generosity in presenting this leaf of a desirable incunabulum to the guests tonight.' In very good condition. THREE: Folio bifolium, with three pages of facsimile pages, and the following printed on the first page: 'The reproductions shown on the following three pages contain the reference to Gutenberg and the invention of printing from the Cologne Chronicle 1499'. In very good condition. FOUR: (Probably not belonging to the folder.) Original 29.5 x 20 cm leaf from an early sixteenth-century work (apparently Court Order for Upper and Lower Bavaria, 1520), with the recto blank and the following printed in red on the verso: 'Von urteyln, was underschaid zwischen bey und endturteiln sey, unnd wie man die schöpfen und gebn, und die gerichtsschäden ertailn sol, Auch in was fällen ain endtuteil nichtig sey'. In good condition, lightly aged.