[ Jewish Tales ] Mimeographed typescript, in German and English, of 'Jewish Tales from Jerusalem', including stories told by Ascher Horowitz and T. Holpern, and an English translation of 'King Artus'.

Ascher Horowitz; T. Holpern [Jewish tales; Judaism; Hebrew; Jerusalem; Israel; Palestine]
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Undated (1920s?) and with place not stated.
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4to, 71 pp, with one 12mo page at end. In poor condition, damp damaged and detached from green cloth covers, but with texts legible and complete. Manuscript table of contents on recto of first leaf describes nine tales in German, told by Ascher Horowitz and T. Holpern, on first 51 pp: 'Jewish Tales from Jerusalem | (1) Dear Aschmadai | (2) Reb Itzchak Alchonon der Heilige | (3) Ein Brief zu Gott | (4) Die Hyaene | (5) Die Hungersnoth in Jerusalem | (6) Der Reich Mann mit seinen Soehnen | (7) Der Mann der neimals sorgte | (8) Der Edelmann ( ) Ahron beim Graefen von Polen | (9) Wie ein Rabbiner seine Tochter verheiratete.' These are followed by 'King Artus' in English, apparently transcribed from 'Magazin ed. Berliner XII (1885) Hebrew p. I-II'. The 8vo leaf carries a manuscript page of translation into English. For the mediaeval tale 'King Artus', the only known copy of which is in the Vatican Library, see Curt Leviant, 'King Artus: A Hebrew Arthurian Romance of 1279' (Syracuse University Press, 2003). No record of any of the other nine pieces in this collection, or of Ascher Horowtiz or T. Halpern, on COPAC.