[Philippe de Courcillon, Marquis de Dangeau.] Vellum Certificate, Signed as Grand Master, admitting Jacques Giraud de Moucy into the Ordre de Notre-Dame du Mont-Carmel et de St. Lazare de Jerusalem. With Signed Note by Louis-Marie Pidou de Saint-Olon

Philippe de Courcillon, Marquis de Dangeau (1638-1720) [Louis-Marie Pidou de Saint-Olon (1637-1717), Bishop of Baghdad; Jacques Giraud de Moucy; Ordre de Notre-Dame de Mont-Carmel; Louis XIV]
Publication details: 
[Ordre de Notre-Dame du Mont-Carmel et de Saint Lazare de Jérusalem.] Paris, 16 July 1700.

See A. de Marcy's 'Liste des Chevaliers' (1875), which reproduces from the registers the notice of the admission into the order on 16 July 1700 of 'Jacques Giraud de Moucy, cy-devant mousquetaire, commandant des gardes de S. A. R. Madame la duchesse d'Orléans'. On a 37 x 51 cm piece of vellum, folded three times into a 30 x 12.5 cm packet. In good condition, clean and crisp.

[ Letters in Welsh from Jerusalem, 1865: Victorian pamphlet, printed in Liverpool. ] Llythyrau Cymraes O Wlad Canaan: Gan Margaret Jones.

Margaret Jones [ Tyst Cymreig, Liverpool ]
Publication details: 
Liverpool: Argraffwyd Yn Swyddfa'r "Tyst Cymreig," Dros Y Cyhoeddydd. 1869.

56pp., 12mo. Disbound pamphlet without wraps. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. A series of seventeen letters, written from Jerusalem in 1865. The author was the daughter of Owen Jones, and these letters are edited with a preface by Owen Jones. The book went to at least seven editions. No copy of this first edition at the National Library of Wales, and no other copy on COPAC either. Now scarce.

[ Jewish Tales ] Mimeographed typescript, in German and English, of 'Jewish Tales from Jerusalem', including stories told by Ascher Horowitz and T. Holpern, and an English translation of 'King Artus'.

Ascher Horowitz; T. Holpern [Jewish tales; Judaism; Hebrew; Jerusalem; Israel; Palestine]
Publication details: 
Undated (1920s?) and with place not stated.

4to, 71 pp, with one 12mo page at end. In poor condition, damp damaged and detached from green cloth covers, but with texts legible and complete. Manuscript table of contents on recto of first leaf describes nine tales in German, told by Ascher Horowitz and T.

[ Joint V. A. D. Committee (British Red Cross and Order of St. John of Jerusalem), ] Printed 'Certificate of Enrolment in a Voluntary Aid Detachment and Permit to wear the Uniform', signed by two officers (Henry Gandy and John Mason MD).

[ Joint V. A. D. Committee, London; British Red Cross Society; The Order of St. John of Jerusalem; Dorothy Marion Cameron Bower; Henry Gandy; John Mason, M.D. ]
Publication details: 
Headed: 'J. V. A. D. 24. | Joint V.A.D. Committee. | The Territorial Force Association. | The British Red Cross Society. | The Order of St. John of Jerusalem.' [ 83 Pall Mall, London. ] Dated 1 November 1916.

4pp., 16mo. Bifolium. A scarce piece of First World War ephemera, on creased and aged paper. The certificate has been made out in order to enroll 'Dorothy Marion Cameron Bower' into 'Detachment [8] in the County of [Westmorland]', but has not been signed by her. The first page carries the conditions of use, the second a declaration by the signatory, and the third the permit itself, with facsimile signatures of Arthur Stanley, Chairman, and Louis Pearson, Hon. Secretary, and the actual signatures of Henry Gandy, County Director, and John Mason M.D, Commandant.

[Tract 'No. 42' by the Manchester New Jerusalem Church Tract Society.] The Golden Wedding Ring; or, A Conversation between a Father and his two Children, on Marriage. [By John Clowes.]

[John Clowes; Manchester New Jerusalem Church Tract Society]
Publication details: 
[Manchester : Manchester New Jerusalem Church Tract Society, 1863.] Joseph Hayward, Printer, Market-Place, Manchester.

28pp., 12mo. Disbound. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. A dialogue between Paternus and his son Eugenio and daughter Miranda. Ends with two prayers and a poem titled 'Lines on Wedded Love'. Drophead title, with '[No. 42.' in top left-hand corner above it: the details of publication were presumably on the missing wraps. They are supplied from the entry for the only copy traced on COPAC, at the British Library. An extremely popular work in Manchester, where it went through at least ten editions between 1813 and 1868.

Dr. Brindley and his Abettors. To the Inhabitants of Northampton. [a defence of Swedenborgianism against a Methodist critic]

Rev. Woodville Woodman of Stoneclough, near Manchester (Swedenborgian, Minister of the New Jerusalem Church, Kearsley, Lancashire, 1839-1872) [John Brindley, Methodist; Northampton New Church]
Dr. Brindley and his Abettors. To the Inhabitants of Northampton
Publication details: 
Second Edition, with Postscript. [1861.] Taylor and Son, Steam Printers, Northampton.
Dr. Brindley and his Abettors. To the Inhabitants of Northampton

8vo, 11 + [i] pp. Disbound. Good, on lightly-aged and worn paper. Signed in type at end (p.11) 'WOODVILLE WOODMAN. | Stoneclough, near Manchester, | March 5th, 1861.' The final page is headed 'PUBLIC NOTICE.', and advertises services and a 'Reading & Tract Society' at Northampton New Church, Corn Exchange Buildings, ending 'The Library comprises the works of Swedenborg, and general New Church Literature. A passionate retort, in defence of Swedenborgianism, to the Brindley's Methodist interpretation of 'Swedenborg's doctrine of marriage', as set out in a lecture. 'The insinuation of Dr.

Autograph Letter Signed ('John W Burgon') to 'D[ear] L.'

John William Burgon (1813–1888), Dean of Chichester and biblical scholar
Publication details: 
Wed[nesda]y [no date]; on letterhead of the Lower House of Convocation, Jerusalem Chamber, Westminster, S.W.

12mo, 2 pp. Good on lightly aged paper. Folded twice. Traces of previous mount adhering to reverse of blank second leaf of bifolium. The recipient 'cannot be more conservative' than Burgon himself. 'But remember - it is the interpretation of the Rubric in question which is causing us all this difficulty.

Signed publicity leaflet with photographic portrait.

Shula Doniach, pianist, author and composer
Publication details: 
Undated [1930s?]; 'All Communications to Harold Holt, 3 Clifford Street, London, W.1. Telephone: Regent 6845'.

Octavo bifolium on shiny art paper. A bit grubby, with two horizontal fold lines across photograph of Miss Doniach's head and shoulders in profile. Signed beneath photograph in blue ink. Central section contains twelve press opinions, ranging from Ernest Newman in the Sunday Times to the Amsterdam Handelsblatt.

Autograph Letter Signed to James Finn.

Stratford Canning
Publication details: 
25 September 1867; Westbrook.

Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe, British diplomat (1786-1880; DNB), for many years Ambassador to the Sublime Porte. The recipient, James Finn (died 1872), was British consul at Jerusalem from 1849–1858. 2 pages, 16mo. In good condition. He has sent his correspondent's 'memorandum respecting Abyssinia' to Lord Stanley, 'who is a better judge than I can presume to be of any advantage which might result from putting into practice the suggestions it contains'. He has 'a due sense of the confidence you have shewn me'. Signed 'Stratford de R.'

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