[ Abraham Hayward, author and barrister. ] Autograph Note Signed ('A. Hayward') to 'Seymour', asking for an 'early copy' of a book to be sent to Lady Herbert.

Abraham Hayward (1801-1884), English author and barrister
Publication details: 
8 St. James' Street [ London ]. 29 January [ no year ].

1p., 16mo. In fair condition, lightly aged. With neat central vertical and horizontal folds. Reads: 'My dear Seymour | Will you direct an early copy to be sent to Lady Herbert. | Ever truly yours | A. Hayward'.

[ Charles Forbes René de Montalembert, Comte de Montalembert. ] Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'le Cte de Montalembert'), in French, to an unnamed recipient

Charles Forbes René de Montalembert (1810-1870), Comte de Montalembert [ Abraham Hayward; John Wilson Croker ]
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Paris. 26 April and 25 May 1856.

Both in fair condition, lightly aged and worn. ONE: He thanks him for offering to translate his book ('The Political Future of England'), but considers his knowledge of English law too shaky to permit him to give any encouragement. He suggests that the recipient come to an arrangement with 'Mr. Abraham Hayward, Queen's Counsel, 1 King's Bench Walk, Temple', who is acting for de Montalembert in the matter.

[ John Hayward, editor. ] A Catalogue of Printed Books and Manuscripts, By Jonathan Swift, D.D. Exhibited in the Old Schools in the University of Cambridge. To Commemorate the 200th Anniversary of his Death, October 19, 1745.

[ John Hayward; Harold Williams; Jonathan Swift; Walter Lewis; the University Press, Cambridge]
Publication details: 
Cambridge: Printed at the University Press. 1945. [ Cambridge: Printed by Walter Lewis, M.A. at the University Press. ]

45 + [1]pp., 12mo. Stapled pamphlet. On aged and worn War Economy paper. Two-page preface by Hayward, preceded by the following note: 'The Exhibition has been arranged under the auspices of the Syndics of the University Library and the Catalogue made by MR JOHN HAYWARD who, in collaboration with MR HAROLD WILLIAMS, F.B.A., also made the selection of the Books and Manuscripts for the Exhibition.' Uncommon (apart from the Folcroft reprint): the only copy on OCLC WorldCat at the British Library.

[Tract 'No. 42' by the Manchester New Jerusalem Church Tract Society.] The Golden Wedding Ring; or, A Conversation between a Father and his two Children, on Marriage. [By John Clowes.]

[John Clowes; Manchester New Jerusalem Church Tract Society]
Publication details: 
[Manchester : Manchester New Jerusalem Church Tract Society, 1863.] Joseph Hayward, Printer, Market-Place, Manchester.

28pp., 12mo. Disbound. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. A dialogue between Paternus and his son Eugenio and daughter Miranda. Ends with two prayers and a poem titled 'Lines on Wedded Love'. Drophead title, with '[No. 42.' in top left-hand corner above it: the details of publication were presumably on the missing wraps. They are supplied from the entry for the only copy traced on COPAC, at the British Library. An extremely popular work in Manchester, where it went through at least ten editions between 1813 and 1868.

Autograph Letter Signed ('A. Hayward') from the essayist and translator Abraham Hayward to the autograph hunter John T. Baron of Blackburn

Abraham Hayward (1801-1884), essayist and translator [John T. Baron of Blackburn, autograph hunter]
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8 St. James's St. [London] 14 March 1882.

1p., 12mo. Very good, on lightly-aged paper. In worn envelope, with stamp and postmark, addressed by Hayward to 'J. T. Baron Esq. | Witton | Blackburn'. The letter reads: 'Dear Sir | Messrs Longman are the publishers of my Biographical & Critical Essays & my Translation of Faust. But any bookseller will get them for you, with the exception of the First Series of my Essays, which is out of print. | faithfully yours | A. Hayward'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('A Hayward') from the essayist and translator Abraham Hayward to the editor of the Athenaeum Charles Wentworth Dilke, regarding a delayed communication, a 'd[amne]d foreigner', and payment for a female contributor.

Abraham Hayward (1801-1884), English essayist and translator [Charles Wentworth Dilke (1789-1864), editor of the Athenaeum]
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Place not stated. 'Monday' [no date].

1p., 4to. Addressed on reverse, with red wax seal, to 'C. W. Dilke Esq:'. Hayward writes that he is enclosing a note (not present), which was sent to him 'in one to me received only today though apparently written on Wednesday last. A d - d foreigner kept it in his pocket in the interim.' Clearly referring to a fee for an article, he continues: 'The lady will be quite satisfied with what you name, but I suppose it may stand over till she does something else'.

Caricature by 'Ape' of 'Vanity Fair', titled 'Anecdotes', depicting the essayist and translator Abraham Hayward. With Autograph Note in the third person from Hayward to Viscountess Combermere.

'Ape' [Carlo Pellegrini (1839-1889)], Vanity Fair caricaturist [Abraham Hayward (1801-1884), English essayist and translator; Mary Cotton [nee Mary Woolley Gibbings] (d.1889), Viscountess Combermere]
Publication details: 
The Vanity Fair caricature printed [London, 1875] by 'Vincent Brooks Day & Son, Lith.' Hayward's autograph note: '8 St. James St [London] | June 9 [no year]'.

The 'Ape' cartoon: 21.5 x 32.5 cm. In good condition, on aged paper, with a neat horizontal fold 4 cm up from the bottom. Hayward's autograph note: 1p., 32mo. In good condition, on aged paper. It reads: 'Mr Heywood presents his compliments to Viscountess Combermere and has much pleasure in accepting her invitation to luncheon on Wednesday 21 June. | 8 St. James St | June 9'.

The signatures of the four musicians on one leaf.

Cedric Sharpe (1891-), cellist and composer; Ethel Hobday (1872-), pianist; Marjorie Hayward, violinist; Dora Stevens, soprano [autographs of British classical musicians]
Publication details: 
Docketed 'Autumn 1924'.

On light-yellow page (roughly 11 x 14 cm) removed from autograph album. Four glue stains showing through from the reverse (not affecting the signatures), otherwise good. Reads 'Dora Stevens | Ethel Hobday | Marjorie Hayward | Cedric Sharpe'. Lightly docketed in pencil.

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