[ Joint V. A. D. Committee (British Red Cross and Order of St. John of Jerusalem), ] Printed 'Certificate of Enrolment in a Voluntary Aid Detachment and Permit to wear the Uniform', signed by two officers (Henry Gandy and John Mason MD).

[ Joint V. A. D. Committee, London; British Red Cross Society; The Order of St. John of Jerusalem; Dorothy Marion Cameron Bower; Henry Gandy; John Mason, M.D. ]
Publication details: 
Headed: 'J. V. A. D. 24. | Joint V.A.D. Committee. | The Territorial Force Association. | The British Red Cross Society. | The Order of St. John of Jerusalem.' [ 83 Pall Mall, London. ] Dated 1 November 1916.

4pp., 16mo. Bifolium. A scarce piece of First World War ephemera, on creased and aged paper. The certificate has been made out in order to enroll 'Dorothy Marion Cameron Bower' into 'Detachment [8] in the County of [Westmorland]', but has not been signed by her. The first page carries the conditions of use, the second a declaration by the signatory, and the third the permit itself, with facsimile signatures of Arthur Stanley, Chairman, and Louis Pearson, Hon. Secretary, and the actual signatures of Henry Gandy, County Director, and John Mason M.D, Commandant.

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