Autograph note signed to T.C. Croker.

John Bowyer Nichols.
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Admiralty, 15 April (no year).
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Printer and antiquary (1779-1863), editor and owner of Notes and Queries, also published ‘Anecdotes of William Hogarth,’ 1833, with forty-eight plates, a compilation from his father's ‘Biographical Anecdotes of Mr. Hogarth’ (see Notes and Queries, 4th ser. i. 97). Autograph note signed, 2pp., 8vo, trimmed without loss of text, to T.C. Croker, folklorist and antiquary, at the Admiralty, 15 April (no year). He has received "the Vols of Hogarth" safely, and asks to borrow "the Volume of W. Jesse's, published about a year ago" [possibly "Notes on Russia, Circassia and Crimea, 1839-40 - London Catalogue] which Croker had reviewed for the "Gentleman's Magazine".