[ George Huntly Gordon. ] Autograph Letter Signed to 'D. Meran' of the Globe newspaper, offering him a revierw of '2 little books on the German Spas'.

George Huntly Gordon of His Majesty's Stationery Office, friend of William Wordsworth
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'Stationery Office | Pimlico'. 4 August [ no year, on paper watermarked 1841 ].
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3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In fair conditon, lightly aged and worn. He asks him 'to give insertion, among your literary notices, in the Globe, to the enclosed account of 2 little books on the German Spas, which I have just concocted. The author is a friend of mine, but I assure you, on my honour, I have not said one word more in praise of his Treatises than they deserve. To convince you of this I will send you the one on the “Homburg Spas” if you have time to read it – and you may give it to any friend going to Germany. It is only 90 small pages.' He suggests alterations which can be made, and asks to be informed regarding the recipient's decision. If alterations are required he could see him 'for a few minutes at the Globe Office'. He ends by asking that the item be returned to him in a packet marked 'Private'.Gordon may be referring to Sir Alexander Mackenzie Downie's 'A practical treatise on the efficacy of mineral waters in the cure of chronic disease [...] with an appendix containing an analysis of the most reputed spas in Germany'. Gordon was a friend of Sir Walter Scott, who composed two sermons for him in his youth, and of William Wordsworth. He contributed a letter to The Times, 15 July 1868, on 'The Proof Sheets of the Author of Waverley', in which he describes himself as 'the sole survivor of all connected with the publications of the novels and tales of Sir Walter Scott'.