Autograph Notes Signed (2) to J.G. Wilson, Chairman of Bumpus's.

Simon Nowell-Smith.
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Oxford, 3 Oct. 1931 and Exeter, 23 June [1932? - Lewis Carroll centenary?].
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Scholar and collector (1909-1996). Total 3pp., 8vo, good condition. (1931) "many thanks for your note enclosing cheque for "Farrago" [?]. I wish all my debtors were as prompt." Wilson or a member of his staff has put a pencilled line diagonally through the page. ([1932]) He asks to see "the Lewis Carroll catalogue and exhibits on Monday, with a view to reporting the exhibition in next weeks' [Times] Literary / Supplement . . . ". Frank Mumby describes Wilson as "one of the outstanding booksellers of the day" (1956 ed., p.235). Two items,