Autograph Letter Signed and two Typed Notes Signed to J.G. Wilson, Chairman of Bumpus's.

Grant Richards.
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21 Soho Square, London, W1, 20 April 1929 (ALS), and The Cottage, Upper Culham, Near Henley-on-Thames, 6 Jan. and 14 May 1930 (TNSs).
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Publisher and author (1872-1948). All one page, 4to, fold marks, sl. grubby but text clear. (ALS) "Dear Wilson/ I have been meaning for several days to see whether you were not free to lunch, and now comes your note. Will you lunch on Tuesday? I hope you will./ Those advertisements? Why, I thought it was taken for granted that booksellers would supply the publications of any publisher - except those Heinemann people. The point never occurred to me in passing the advertisements where I write this I have neither the advertisements themselves to my hand, but surely a statement to the effect that "booksellers can supply . . ." is the rarest in the world? Yes: it is taken for granted. We have already referred several enquiries to booksellers." (TNS, Jan.) "I don't nkow whether anybody else has shown you this page of the New York Herald, which reached me on Friday last./ I wonder whether Mr. Rayward ever came to see you. I told him to and he replied joyfully, saying that he was writing to you at once for an appointment." (TNS, May) "Mr. Humphrey Toulmin and myself want to settle the matter of the Fountain Press books and my interest in them. Could you oblioge us by answering categorically this question:/ Did you send Mr. Adams to Soho Square with me in your mind or with Mr. Humphrey Toulmin in your mind?/ Mr. Toulmin and I settled together the form of this enquiry." See also #1934, letter TO Grant Richards. Three items,