[ Mrs Robert Southey] Autograph Letter in the third person, "Mrs Southey is [...]", to a Miss Robson ordering two "girls packs" (clothing).

Mrs Robert Southey
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Greta Hall, 2 April [no year given].
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One page, 12mo, bifolium, good condition. "Mrs Southey is so little satisfied with the pattern of linen sent her by Miss Robson - that she has decided on having the two girls packs made of [?] like that for the Infant - She wishes the packs to be made of a very good material - with a little insertion work - & edging about the leaders [?] & sleeves - with plenty of tucks [underlined] in the tails [...] The drab [...?] will do very well for the Boys dress, which must have trowsers to match." Note: Edith Southey was Coleridge's sister-in-law, and she and Southey took in Sara Coleridge and her children when abandoned - to add to their eight children.