[Thomas Scott, Earl of Clonmell and Richard Butler, Earl of Glengall.] Signatures, with fourteen others, on PART of petition to the king for 'Pro[tection?]' from 'the unceasing efforts made by the Enem[ies?]'.

Thomas Scott (1783-1838), 2nd Earl of Clonmell and Richard Butler, Earl of Glengall; Clonmell, County Tipperary, Ireland
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[Clonmell, County Tipperary, Ireland.] Without date [but Georgian, and after 1816].
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The earldom of Glengall was created in 1816 for Lord Cahir who died three years later; the second and last earl held the title from 1819 to his death in 1858. Another of the signatories, Dr Richard Burgess, was active in Clonmell in the Regency period. On one side of 24 x 19 cm piece of watermarked laid paper. Clearly the left hand half (only) of a 24 x 38 cm petition addressed 'To the Kings Most Excellent Majesty'. In fair condition, aged and worn, with closed tears and chipping along one edge, and one signature cut away, leaving only the acronym 'D. L.' The sixteen signatures are arranged in two columns, with the missing seventeenth signature cut away from the outer column. The signatures are as follows: '[first column] Glengall | [signature cut away, leaving the following] D. L. | John Bagwell | J. P. Rhoades | Rector of Clonmel | Will: Edmundson | Richard Burgess MDRCS | William Burgess | William Ducskett | [second column] Clonmell | [in pencil, 'Solicitor General'] | Willm Stephenson Clke | James Morton Jnr. Clk. | James Douglas | James Morton Senr. | Thos White | Richd Kennell | Jno. M. Murphy | Edwd. Zabarte'. The surviving text of the petition would appear to suggest that it is an appeal for 'Pro[tection] [...] from the unceasing efforts made by the Enem[ies of Your Majesty]'. It reads: "To the Kings Mo[...] | We the Undersigned Inhabitants of the ancient [...] | County of Tipperary most humbly beg leave to app[...] | we most earnestly but respectfully trust your [...] | in which your Majestys Subjects of the Pro[...] | from the unceasing efforts made by the Enem[...] | We therefore most humbly petition your [...] | measures as shall be conducive to the Mainten[...]'. Scan available.