[Mathias Sandor, Hungarian-born American artist.] Original artwork: miniature graphite drawing of an attractive fin-de-siècle woman, heading an Autograph Note Signed ('Mathiás Sándor') to 'Mr Howes Norris Jr', responding to request for autograph.

Mathias Sandor [Mathiás Sándor] (1857-1920), Hungarian artist who settled in the United States [Howes Norris Jr, autograph collector]
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1p, 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged, with minor traces of glue from mount on blank reverse. Central horizontal fold, not affecting the drawing. Sandor was clearly a generous fellow, and Norris was a lucky one. Sandor has responded to a request for an autograph by sending a note topped by an attractive miniature graphite drawing of the head and shoulders of an 1890s young lady, more subtle than a 'Gibson Girl', staring quizzically with the distinctive hairstyle of the period. Beneath the drawing he writes: 'Mr Howes Norris Jr | Dear Sir | It is flattering to me [last word underlined] to be asked for my autograph. Your letter of the 17 of this month is the first I have received from you | Yours truly | Mathiás Sándor'. A collection of Howes Norris Jr's cartoons is at Syracuse University.