[Frederick Yeates Hurlstone] Autograph Statement-cum-Letter headed Private and signed F.W. Hurlstone, to unkonown correspondent (perhaps an agent?)discussing his current work and activities.

F. W. Hurlstone [ Frederick Yeates Hurlstone (1800–1869), portrait and historical painter ]
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No place or date [1842?]
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One page, cr. 8vo, fold marks, small tear with no loss, faint staining, text clear and complete. Text: Private | I am afraid the melancholy circumstances at Manchester will operate unfavorably on the Exhibition [of 1842?] both as to the number of pictures sent and the visitors and sale. || I have only one for sale 'The Muleteer boys' which as it is partly a repetition of a subject I have for Suffolk Street [see ILN review, 1843] I ask fifty gns or pounds for though I cannot include the frame in this price which cost six gns I suppose there is little chance of sale this year but if any offer please to let me know. | I have sent the portrait of Mrs H. the only one I had at my disposal to fill up as you may want pictures of a larger size. | I have been utterly unable to finish my large picture of the Spanish Posada for the Exhibition which I much regret. Note: Scene in a Spanish Posada in Andalusia, was apparently exhibited at the Society of British Artists Exhibition in 1843.~180~AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT BRITISH ART PORTRAIT PAINTER MANCHESTER ART TREASURES EXHIBITION SOCIETY OF BRITISH ARTISTS~ ~0~OL59~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 22965~21/03/2020~False~George St Clair, FGS (Palestine Exploration Fund)~[George St Clair, FGS; Palestine Exploration Fund] Autograph Letter Signed George St. Clair to wm Stoate, Esq. satisfying a request for autographs from the Palestine Exploration Fund correpondence.~[Headed] Palestine Exploration Fund, 104 Sussex Road, Seven Sisters' Road, London, N., 2 January 1874.~Two pages, 8vo, bifolium, one leaf laid down on sl. larger piece of paper docketed Geo. St Clair (Lecturer),fold marks, good condition. Text: He acknowledges receipt of stamps for a photograph of which he has no distinct recollection. Continues I enclose several autographs such as I have been able to lay my hand on & am only sorry that pressure of business prevents a full examination of thethousands of letters whcih have acumulated round me to see whether I have any others which I could spare & which would at the same time be worth your acceptance. William Stoate was perhaps the birds' egg collector immortalised on Google. If the autographs came from the correspondence of The Palestine Exploration Fund, the collector was in clover.~50~AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT PALESTINE EXPLORATION FUND~ ~0~OL59~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 22971~22/03/2020~False~Hon. Caroline Norton [Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton (née Sheridan; 1808 – 1877), social reformer and author.~[ Caroline Norton, social reformer ] Autograph Address label (or subscription to letter?) with brief Note.~No date, 36 Russell Square.~Paper 14 x 5cm, tipped on to slightly larger piece of paper, some staining but clear. Text: 36 Russell Square || Editor of the 'Field' | 346 Strand || corrected proof for press | with Honble Mrs Norton's Compliments. Possibly the subscription clipped from a letter. See image.~90~AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT WOMENS RIGHTS CHILD CUSTODY ABUSIVE HUSBANDS~ ~0~OL59~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 22968~21/03/2020~False~James Turner, Dean of Norwich, Master of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge.~[ James Turner, Master of Pembroke Hall ] Autograph Receipt Signed J. Turner for rent & acquittances, Michaelmas Term at Pembroke Hall.~Pembroke Hall, 22 December 1781.~Paper, 19 x 8cm, sl. chipped and stained but text clear and complete. Pembroke Hall Decr.22.1781.| Recd of Ferdinand Huddlestone Esq the sum of twenty six Pounds nine Shillings & four Pence in full for rent & acquittances due to Pembroke Hall at Michs. last- \ £26:9.4. Apropos of little, Huddlestone was a Catholic and subject to restrictive laws at that time (Google).~50~AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT PEMBROKE COLLEGE CAMBRIDGE CATHOKIC EMANCIPATION~ ~0~OL59~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 22966~21/03/2020~False~Margaret Gatty [ Margaret Gatty (1809–1873), children's author and writer on marine biology. Some of her writings argue against Charles Darwin's Origin of the Species.~[ Margaret Gatty; children's author] Autograph Note Signed Margaret Gatty to Stephen [perhaps her grandson, Stephen Herbert Gatty?]~Ecclesfield, 26 May [1860[8?]]~One page, 12mo, staining and ink blots but text clear and complete, laid down on larger piece of paper, docketed The late Mrs. Margaret Gatty (writer for children) Editor of Aunt Judy's Magazine. Text: You can 'administer either this note in its integrity or the signature only, as you think will be most accceptable.