[ Oscar Wilde; Typescript ] The Stringed Lute. A Play Based on the life of OSCAR WILDE [Playwright's own copy]. WITH Typed Letter Signed P. Macqueen discussing play with W. MacQueen-Pope, theatre historian, revealing pseudonym

John Furnell [pseud. Phyllis Macqueen], playwright [Oscar Wilde]
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n.d., (before published version, 1955); Typed Letter Signed dated 23 Jan. 1956.
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[170]pp., 4to, title label, brown wraps, stabbed, sl. wrinkled edges, sl. aged, typed ownership sticker back cover, John Furnell, 'Woodend', 24 Chessel Avenue, Boscombe, Bournemouth, Hants. Final page (additional , p.[170]) includes a list of Author's suggestions for settings. With a sprinkling of corrections and additions.Opposite p.38 (beginning of Act II set in the Foyer of the St James's Theatre, an illustration from a Max Beerbohm book (Some Persons of the Nineties), with names from Wilde to Mallarme, 10 names presumably in Furnell's hand. Enclosed: a typed information slip prepared by the Collector, Barry Duncan, presumably before the book was published in 1955, because it doesn't mention it. He also says Not in BDL. Not performed? The book (and this text presumably) formed the basis for The Trials of Oscar Wilde with Peter Finch, 1960. WITH: Typed Letter Signed P. Macqueen after typing Phyllis Macqueen. | Jouhn Furnell, two pages, 12mo, foxed, closed tears and chipped but text complete and clear as follows: She asks to call him Popey because that's how she thinks of him after his TV appearances. She has put aside the published version for him but understands that the published Rider, has already sent one to him. She has derived great pleasure from his talks. What wonderful memories you must have, and jow dull and commonplace the present generation must seem to you. She then discusses her play about Oscar Wilde as follows: 'THE STRINGED LUTE' was originally written as a Play, then re-written as a play-novel. Now it has beed re-arranged as a Play in four Acts, & we hope to see it produced as a play or a film. I was wondering if you'd be so very kind as to advise me where to send it? You have such wide experience in these matters, about which I know absolutely nothing. But of course its always been my dream to see THE STRINGED LUTE as a full length production at Drury Lane with an all star cast, and someone of Ustinoff's [sic] calibre as Oscar! Not that I think for a moment that this will materialise into fact - but one never knows! If he's interested she'll send a copy at once. She continues I know I've ansolutely no right to trespass on your time and your kindness like this, but hope taht you will forgive my doing so. | I think the book is doing quite well. Hesketh Pearson liked it - and the Psychic Press has awarded it a 'Psychic Oscar'! Or so I believe. Also Rider's [publishers] tell me that America is interested. [...]~480~PLAY DRAMA OSCAR WILDE PLAY TRIALS THEATRE~ ~0~Three shelves below Burke's (flat)~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 23090~12/05/2020~False~L. Tyerman, Author of The Life And Times of John Wesley.~[ L. Tyerman; John Wesley ] Autograph Letter Signed L. Tyerman to John Holland Esq Sheffield, discussing an aspect of his researches into Wesley.~[Embossed] Stanhope House, Atkins Road, Clapham Park, S, 19 Dec. 1870.~Three pages, 8vo, bifolium, good condition. I am sincerely grateful for your kind communication. | I have long possessed the pamphlet you mention; I have also compared it with the authentic MS in the Museum. | The pamphlet is quite correct with the exception that it omits two or three not very important paragraphs. | Vol.II of my Life and Times of Wesley is already published, & contains (p.42 to page 57) a lengthened account of the transaction: - | Excuse haste [...]~35~AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT METHODISM METHODIST JOHN WESLEY BIOGRAPHY~ ~0~OL60~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 23087~12/05/2020~False~Lucy H.M. Soulsby, Headmistress (Oxford DNB)~[ Lucy Soulsby; Headmistress ] Autograph Note Signed Lucy H.M. Soulsby to Mr Cochrane, about someone seeking employment~[Headed] The High School, Oxford, 3 May 1895.~Two pages, oblong 12mo, creases, foxing but legible. My delay in writing to you has been caused by some change of place on Miss Scrivens part. Just after seeing you, I heard she had found work which suited her; - yesterday she told me that she has finally reg=fused this work & hoped to make an appointmet to see you & Mr William Gardner. I will write again in a few days when I know more. - I spoke to Mr Pascoe Glynn yesterday about finding you someone suitable.~35~AUTOGRAPO MANUSCRIPT HEADMISTESS OXFORD HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION~ ~0~OL60~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 23089~12/05/2020~False~Ludwig Straus (1835 – 1899), Austrian violinist~[ Ludwig Straus; violinist ] Autograph Note Signed Ludwig Straus to a Miss White, with thanks.~[Headed] 7 Cranmer Road, Cambridge BUT handwritten, Folkestone, 26 Sept. 1897.~One page, 16mo, bifolium, fod mark, good condition. To Miss White with kind regards and mny thanks for having made me so comfortable inher well appointed house.~25~Autograph Manuscript MUSICIAN VIOLINIST VIOLIN~ ~0~OL60~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 23088~12/05/2020~False~T. Hewitt Key [ Thomas Hewitt Key, FRS (1799 – 1875), classical scholar.~[ T. Hewitt Key; classics ] Autograph Letter Signed T. Hewitt Key to unnamed correspondent asking for input concerning the pronunciation of :Latin.~21 Westbourne Square, W. [London], 9 Oct. 1869.~Two pages. fold marks, foxing, text clear, as follows: There exists a desire in many quarters that the pronunciation of Latin in this country should be brought into harmony with that which prevails abroad, and I have reason to believe that many of our best scholars at Cambridge and Oxford and in several of the great public schools favour the project. In the Catholic Church I have always understoiod that the continental pronumciation has been retained; but I have some doubts whether there be perfect consistency abroad in the pronunciation of the consonants. I am there fore about to make application to continental scholars for information generally on the subject; and if your time permits I should be much pleased to know what your pronunciation is, for which purpose to save trouble I have in the next leaf [sadly not present] written out a list of words which seem to include all the difficulties which can arise. Especially I am yet ignorant whether it be the practice to distinguish in quantity long and short vowels. [...]